30 March 2007

small business lawyer?

does anyone know who the small business lawyer was that attended the marketing session at my, Rachael's, house was? I'm seeking her services. Otherwise, does anyone know of a good one to help set up a business' structure who is seeking investment monies and offering percentages of their company in exchange etc.??? Thanks ladies!

13 March 2007

Of course flowers

Of course- Ooh La La would love to contribute bouquets for the women to walk the runway!

Let me know what you think...

Also- I know the hot topic is this event but I was hoping we may be able to get a little round table/forum going on some hot topics for you all business wise...

One thing Ooh La La has been faced with is bringing on new staff/more staff- for all you independent women out there that have moved on from the one women show- care to give some advice on when you knew it was time?

12 March 2007

GREAT idea

Ladies, that is a GREAT idea...both the party and the Expo. I would love to be involved/participate. Regina, if I have you shoot me post-wedding can I wear my dress to your party too? So fun!

Kerri Yates

02 March 2007

expo etc

hi ladies,

i'm interested in the expo idea for sure. when are you thinking? spring?? would love to be involved. i have the jules smith jewelry collection on hand. and of course, photographers - one local - .......not to steal any thunder from the photogs in we2e!!!

keep me updated on any initial meeting.