30 May 2007


I'm posting this on behalf of Masyn -

Welcome everyone... we have some new adds to the group whom are receiving their first go around of info and all of us veterans that have 2/3 meetings under our belts. Yeah! To all the newbies... if you didn't receive the first set of notes or simply feel you would like them... I am more then happy to forward them on so you may get a little more familiar with what we have covered by the next meeting.

I want to thank everyone for being extremely patient with me and picking up the ball as I have only been in town a total of four days over the last two weeks. Now that I am back... I am hoping to be the fabulous facilitator I know is somewhere in here.
So onward and upward....

1) We decided on five categories for the "tradeshow" portion of the event and they are: Beauty, Wellness, Environment, Wealth, and Relationships.
Next... we will need all of We2e to decide which header they would like to be in. This meeting is scheduled for June 25th at UP (Urban Pearl).

2)Casting Call: this is for the models we will be selecting for whole life makeovers.
Who: Any woman 21 years of age or older in Boulder Cty can enter, 10 selected, must be able to sign an agreement of participation which includes a commitment over the next three months to their team and that they document their experiences in writing or video among other things.
What: Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a 250-500 word essay answering the question "Why are you ready for a Whole Life Make-Over?"
When/Where: Have their essays postmarked or emailed by 6/15/07 to % of Urban Pearl, 1537 Pearl Street, Boulder 80302 or emailed to (we2e's email
address). Selection and notification by 6/25/07. Then we will meet with
address we2e
members interested in participating on 6/25, get committments and divide up in teams and assign contestants to them by 6/29/07.
It is my understanding that
a) Rachel is working on a jpeg/pdf single piece and a press release for us to have out to our contacts with the above info to start the casting call.
Next... once available it will need to spread to all of our contact databases.
b) Trish has prepared a participation agreement and is having it review by an attorney. Next... we will have choosen contestants by 6/29/07
c) and Juli is working on creating a logo and web page for the event that will hopefully be up this week. Juli... can we have a way for We2e people to log on and go to our blog or view notes on meetings that regular viewers can't see... or is that crazy? I was thinking of a way that people could look back on notes and things we have covered. Just a thought... unless it is a pain and will hold us up.
Does that sound correct to everyone that attended so far? If not, please add on.

So there is a lot of discussion over what to call this event... SOME thoughts were...
We2e... Experiential Expo, Symposium, Convention, Exhibition, Marketplace, and Production I have attached a very rough draft of an xls sheet of the day and timelines... as we have discussed... the day includes the following elements... a keynote, tradeshow, symposium, giveaways and the whole life makeover contestant finale.
Personally, I like using the full word Exposition (and its meaning) and Symposium. I am in agreement with a couple people that it is not a gala...
Erin- since you are the writer, any thoughts? Plus we might want to consider what year two etc looks like with the name... meaning is this the first annual.. yada yada. Can everyone get back to me with their requests by Tuesday evening and I can forward that on to Rachel, Trish and Juli?
Obviously... we need to name it by tomorrow no later then Wednesday... so if you feel strongly - please let me know....

So we have only had three suggestions so far.... two votes for Dress for Success one for Work Options for Women both Denver companies and then one for Boulders Safehouse. Is there any others anyone wants to add or should we make a decision and move forward?
Rachel has worked with the Director of the Dress for Success program and although it is in Denver it might be good to have the comfort of a proven working relationship for our first time out of the box on this. Thoughts everyone?

So as we have discussed... our needs are as follows...
1) Rachel is working on jpeg single sheet and press release
2) Trish has the contestant participation form
3) Juli is working on the web page and logo... Erin name suggestions?
4) We need a videographer great with editing asap
5) Intern... anyone?
6) Heather: Do we need to get these notes to the group too or will we just update them on 6/25?
7) Agenda items for next meeting

Our next meeting is Monday, June 4th 5:30 at 3094 Edison Court, Boulder
80301 (you can mapquest it). I am in the first row of townhomes on the East side of Edison Court. Park and walk in.
PLEASE be on time so we can leave on time... we try to stick to an hour and I will be sending an email with agenda items shortly... so please let me know if there is anything you would like to add.
Then they are as follows...
6/11/07 5:30 Edison
6/18/07 We2e's scheduled group meeting at Rachel Donaldsons house
6/25/07 5:30 Expo mtg for all We2e participants at UP. 1537 Pearl Street Then July's scheduled is yet tbd.

Yeah Team!!!
If I got anything wrong - please let me know... otherwise I look forward to tons of emails and even more cc's.
Peace n Love

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