22 February 2007

Just throwing out an idea...

My assistant and I were talking about how fun it might be to throw a party for all of my past brides and invite them to pull their wedding dress out of the box and don it one more time. We could do a photo shoot of all the women, as well as offer a mini makeover to each and share funny/horror stories of the different weddings and potentially put together a fun "a bride's advice for brides" booklet to handout.

This probably doesn't make much sense, but in the spirit of brainstorming, I thought it might be fun to do some sort of fashion show with real brides - past & present and have all the attendees wear old bridesmaid/groomsmen attire & bring never-to-be-worn-again formal attire to donate.

I realize that this doesn't necessarily open the forum for all the other businesses in our group that are NOT wedding related, but, like I said, just an idea to get it all rolling.

No matter what, I'm so excited about helping formulate some fabulous event and would love to be a part of the planning committee! I would love to meet at Urban Pearl or wherever to start kicking around ideas. I'm pretty flexible for meeting times as long as they're planned in advance.

Incidentally, is it appropriate for me to add a couple photographs that I really like of people in our group? I've never been a part of a group blog so not sure about the etiquette. But I love this photo I took of Heather at a crazy event we did up in Cheyenne, WY just after Thanksgiving:

Here's a funny picture of Heather & I from that night:

And one of my favorite images of the "surprise" photo shoot I did with Rachael and her twins:

Regina, Recherche Photography

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