10 February 2007

marketing tenets

marketing at its core essence--how we get the word out about our business and ourselves. There are so many ways these days, many of which are self-service, not requiring a marketing agency. However, the craft of getting the marketing right does still require the same tenets as an agency or pro would use.
(1) Know who you are. Brands are emotional links to products and services. They are built in your target's minds. They are built via consistent messaging over time that finds a way to burrow into their psyche. As such, your brand should carry through to every touchpoint you have with your consumers/target, including yourself.
(2) About those consumers/target. In order to stay focused, you must know who your audience is and where they're going to come from. It makes marketing decisions much easier and clearer.
(3) The marketing plan. It really does help to get it all on paper and go through the thought process. It can change, certainly, but to keep your budget tight and insist on results you need to have a plan.
(4) Execution. Tactics. This is your presentation of your brand to the world. Insist that they be right. The right colors, the right fonts, the right paper, the right images. And make it easy to get in touch with you.

More at our meeting on Monday 2.12, 6p, my house. Can't wait!
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